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Casual user

The casual user is one of the two user groups of the self service business intelligence. (2)

Self service business intelligence

Self service business intelligence is an approach for the analysis of data. The users of the department should get the needed information on their own to do an analysis or something else and should not ask the IT department to give them the necessary information. For this reason the IT department must provide the data warehouse, the business intelligence systems, the reporting tools and the self service queries. (1) With the self service business intelligence the IT department get more time for their work and don`t spend their time in preparing the missing information for the users. And the users must not wait a long time to get the needed information from the IT department. So all of them could save a lot of time. (2)

User groups

The two main groups of self service business intelligence are the power users and the casual users. The power users are producers and the casual users are consumers. (2)

Casual users

Casual users are executives, managers, field and operations workers, customers and suppliers. (2) The casual users have a very basic information needs. They only want to have a report or dashboard, where they can get the information they need. Additionally sometimes they want to get more details. Then they change the filters, use the drill down function or something else with a few clicks. 80% of the time casual users work with delivered reports or dashboards. The source of the dashboard or report is a data warehouse or a data mart. It is not necessary that they ask for more information, because the dashboard or report contains all necessary information. But 20% of the time the users need access to the needed information ad-hoc, because the information is not available in the delivered dashboard or report and without that information they can not finish their work. Then they make their own dashboards or reports. (3) But casual users don’t have the same skills like power users. They don’t know how they could make a good report or dashboard. So they must learn more about the business intelligence tools, but they don`t want to learn more about that, because they don’t want to spend their time in this kind of work. (2)


When you want to make self service business intelligence, it is very important to know, which kind of user group you have, because every group have different skills and requirements. Casual users don’t need the best business intelligence tool, because they don’t know how to handle it. They will be very frustrated by using the tool and after a short time, they don’t like the business intelligence tool anymore. Casual users don’t need all the special functions. But when power users want to make self service business intelligence, it is a good idea to give them the best business intelligence tool, because they have the necessary skills to handle it. (4)

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