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Open Data Protocol (OData)


Open Data Protocol also known as OData provides a method/service for interaction between different applications on varying devices to consume business inteligence data. It operates like an additional plugin or extra layer on top of the application and is “based on industy standards like XML or HTTP.”1)


Located in the web section, Open Data Protocol is one of those protocols especially designed for “querying, finding and updating data”2) through different data systems realized by HTTP. Based on RESTful WEB architecture, “the OData standard is well suited for web service applications.”3) It provides some features for a more fluent data exchange using formats like Atom(XML) and JSON.


Currently there are existing many different data sources with a huge among of data generated by clients via webbrowser, mobile-apps also organisations which store data on cloudservices or use BI-Tools. Obviously there are no proper solutions to diverse or verifiy then. Thus there is a need in most of data-generating industries to get control about the situation.

How it's work

There is a client (i.e Webbrowser) doing a request on an external data source. As a result, the client system gets a response from the target system which has an OData service implemented. To handle these requests, the data source server make use of CRUID interactions. Due to the fact that OData is a webservice using the HTTP protocol, he has to follow the standard set of rules of web protocols.

An OData service exposes data via the OData data model, which clients access with an OData client library and the OData protocol 4)

Producers & Consumers

To beginn with, producers means the providing of some services which includes the supoort of OData protocols. There is also an OData SDK existing, like java runtime develoment kit. Here you able to create your own OData producers. To get a quick view on popular services:

  • Windows Azure Table Storage
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2011 & 2013
  • SAP NetWeaver Gateway
  • IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale
  • SQL Server 2012

As mentioned before, there are also consumers which make the interation possible. In most cases, there are simlpy programmed applications intended to feature the expose of data on target systems.

To get a quick view on popular services :

  • common browsers
  • Excel Add-In
  • JDBC Driver
  • ODBC Driver
  • Tableau


Recently there are some discussions about the future of OData. On the one hand there are companys like Netflix and Ebay those seem to take a step away providing OData protocol in the future, on the other hand there are still supporter due to the fact that OData doing his job well all over its based on an “imperfect standard”.5) Finally it also depends of how much applications are willing to adopt the open data protocol API in the future.


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