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Help us building a distinguished information resource on data warehousing (DWH). This resource is free to use for the public and published under an open documentation license.


We need help at the following fields:

  • New content is always welcome.
  • Improve existing content. That includes facts checking, content structure, search engine optimization, spelling and grammar, organization of content and graphical representation.
  • Please improve internal linking.
  • Recommend this page. Add links to SEO Wiki on your site. Perform organic link building, but not more.
  • Watch for Spam. This site is misused more and more by SEO wannabes who think to add links on this page. As a rule of thumb: this site is not accepting permanent outbound links. Exception: as better added content is, as longer outbound (nofollow) links can stay on the page.

Get Started

The easiest way to get started is to watch for FIXME. That works well using this link:

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