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The Data Vault Modeling is a combination of the relational database modeling with the third normal form (3NF) and the dimensional database modeling with the star schema.1) It was developed in 1990 by Daniel Linstedt and was first published in 2000. Since this time the Data Vault modeling technique was enhanced and described in the “Data Vault Series” and new results being published in the “Data Administration Letter”.2) In Data Vault Modeling, there are three basic entities:hubs, links and satellites.3) The structure of the tables are formed like relational database schemas. Compared to dimensional modeling, links can be considered as fact tables. Special links, for example aggregated links, are comparable to aggregated fact tables.4) By using the Data Vault modeling technique, it is possible to build an effective database because the data warehouse can be designed very flexible, agile, traceable and fully historized.5)

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