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Project Guide


FIXME This document is a guide for XYZ. It defines the process standards to meet, the team members, and the technical environment.


FIXME List all members of the project in alphabetically order, including contact and role information. Do not remove the links from emails, because this is a confident method for emailing team members.

Name of Member


Phone: ++49 1234 567-8901
Fax: ++49 1234 567-8901
Email: [email protected]


Role1, Role2, etc.

Name of Member 2


Phone: ++49 1234 567-8901
Fax: ++49 1234 567-8901
Email: [email protected]


Role1, Role2, etc.


FIXME The complete process used in the project aims in completing the project successfully.

Project Roles

FIXME Each member of the project is assigned to a role. A member focuses his work to this role only. Refer to the role descriptions for additional information.

Project Locale

FIXME It should be possible for international participants to engage in the project as easy as possible.


FIXME All documentation (user/technical and deliverables), source code, GUI, change requests, requirements, etc. shall be in American English.

Paper formats

FIXME The documents shall be prepared for printing on DIN A4 paper.

Date formats

FIXME The date format to use in documents is dd-MMM-yyyy. For example 13-JUN-2006. This is needed because possible international team members have problems reading the German format.

Process Standards


FIXME During the project, templates will be created for later documents. It is a must to use these templates for later documents. Templates must be presented at a team meeting for approval.

Reproducible Work

FIXME It must be possible to reproduce what each team member has done. Therefore, each change must be documented.

Time Tracking

FIXME It is important for later analyzing to track the work done on a given task or change request. Required information are: Task/Change Request, Name of Team Member, work time, date and time started.


FIXME Other team members must review templates, requirements, documents, UML diagrams, and parts of the source code.

For additional information, see the review guide.

The reviews must be documented.

Quality Assurance & Testing

FIXME All members engage in testing and quality assurance. It is a vital part of the project work.


Project Workspace

FIXME Define the project workspace, for example a file server directory, a SubVersion / StarTeam repository, a SharePoint site, etc.

Add information how to login or how to get a valid login information (user/password pair).

Version Control System

FIXME Define the version control system, for example a SubVersion / StarTeam repository. Again, add information how to login.

Change Management System

FIXME Define what Change Management System (Bugtracking) system is used, where it is located, how a user can login and how change requests should be written (refer to a external document if possible).

Time Tracking

FIXME Define the time tracking tools used in this project. If this is a website, provide location and user credential, if it is a spreadsheet, provide the template as a path.

Other Tools to be used

General documentation

FIXME Microsoft Word 2003 is the word processing tool to be used for general documentation. All files must be saved as *.doc files.

Mathematical Formulas

FIXME Mathematical formulas will be created with the MathType Equation Object available in Microsoft Word and other tools.


FIXME All drawings, including UML diagrams, must be created in Microsoft Visio 2003. The produced files must be saved in the workspace as *.vsd files.


FIXME Microsoft Excel 2003 is used for calculations, not for databases!


FIXME If there is need for any structured data, this data must be collected using either Microsoft Access 2003 or Microsoft InfoPath 2003.

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