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Acceptance Test Plan

Project/System Information

Project Objectives

FIXME The business/organizational objectives to be achieved by the project or system.

System Description

FIXME Brief description of the system and functions it is intended to perform.


FIXME Identify sources of information used to develop this document, such as IEEE or project documentation.

Outstanding Issues

FIXME Any outstanding issues relative to this project, and in particular acceptance testing.

Roles and Responsibilities

FIXME The person(s) responsible for, and involved in, all aspects of acceptance testing, both during preparation and execution, and their roles. Document names and roles or reference the Work Breakdown Structure, where these persons and associated activities are typically identified. Include customer/system owner, development/test team, and external persons/groups.

Test Plan

FIXME The scope (boundaries) of the acceptance test - what is, and what is not (that which someone may otherwise believe is) included in the test.

Testing Approach


  • The types of tests which will be performed (e.g. functional testing, security testing, stress testing, timing tests, compliance testing, capacity testing).
  • The level at which testing is performed (e.g., system level, component level, integration level).
  • Test methods, tools, harnesses and procedures to be used.
  • Source(s) of test data.

Test Schedule

FIXME A detailed schedule - also known as a Work Break down Structure (WBS) - indicating all acceptance testing activities to be performed, and the planned start and end dates for each.

Problem Reporting and Data Recording


  • Description of, or reference to, the problem reporting process which will be used.
  • Description of how test results will be recorded.
  • Description of how problems will be tracked to resolution.

Resource Requirements


  • Hardware requirements (e.g., hardware items, interfacing equipment).
  • Software requirements (e.g., operating systems, compilers, test drivers, test data generators).
  • Documentation requirements (e.g., test documentation).
  • Staffing requirements (e.g., development team, end users, customers).
  • Test data requirements.
  • Other requirements (e.g., special equipment, rooms, specific times of day or week, turnaround times, training required).

Test Environment

FIXME Describe the plans for setting up the test environment.

Identification of Tests

FIXME List of individual tests and objective(s) of each test. Note: At least one Test Case should be prepared for each test identified here.

Acceptance Test Report

FIXME Document what will be included in the Acceptance Test Report. This report usually closes out the acceptance process.

Corrective Action

FIXME The process that will be used to apply corrections and re-test those cases which fail. This process should be iterative, until each test case has successfully executed.

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