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Requirements Traceability Matrix



FIXME The requirements traceability matrix is a table used to trace project life cycle activities and work products to the project requirements. The matrix establishes a thread that traces requirements from identification through implementation. Document the scope of the requirements traceability matrix in this section. :!: Each step of the requirement must be defined and unique. The requirement is part of the projects critical components. During the process, the references have to be unique and consistent. Therefore the Matrix will trace the requirements and creates each of the processes relationships. — Thomas Spork 2012/05/07 21:34


FIXME The requirements traceability matrix will be maintained by the project manager or designee; however, input to the table may be required from other team members. Document the responsibilities in this section.

Requirements Traceability Matrix

Description of Matrix Fields

Develop a matrix to trace the requirements back to the project objectives identified in the Project Plan and forward through the remainder of the project life cycle stages. Place a copy of the matrix in the Project File. Expand the matrix in each stage to show traceability of work products to the requirements and vice versa. The requirements traceability matrix should contain the following fields:

  • A unique identification number containing the general category of the requirement (e.g., SYSADM) and a number assigned in ascending order (e.g., 1.0; 1.1; 1.2).
  • The requirement statement.
  • Requirement source (Conference; Configuration Control Board; Task Assignment, etc.).
  • Software Requirements Specification/Functional Requirements Document paragraph number containing the requirement.
  • Design Specification paragraph number containing the requirement.
  • Program Module containing the requirement.
  • Test Specification containing the requirement test.
  • Test Case number(s) where requirement is to be tested (optional).
  • Verification of successful testing of requirements.
  • Modification field. If requirement was changed, eliminated, or replaced, indicate disposition and authority for modification.
  • Remarks.
Unique Number Requirement Source of Requirement Software Reqs. Spec / Functional Req. Doc. Design Spec. Program Module Test Spec. Test Case(s) Successful Test Verification Modification of Requirement Remarks
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